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Project Description

A PoC to illustrate how to create a generic end-user transactional report writer for Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012. Demo of the solution can be found here:

The project contains the X++ XPO's within a subfolder of the C# Visual studio solution. The VS 2010 solution contains 2 projects that need compilation: the ClassLibrary (deploy this to dynamics) and a WpfWindowsApplication (use this to test the .net assembly before deploying).

Quick usage instructions

Manually copy the assembly to the dynamics client bin folder and include it as a reference within the AOT. Then import the XPO projects and recompile within AX. Then follow these steps to confirm all is working OK:

1.) Open the GenericReport form.

2.) Select the CustTable query and click the Select button and make some query selections click OK.

3.) Click the Settings tab and enter a report name and click Save.

4.) Click the Base field selection tab and selection some random fields from the query.

5.) Click the Run report tab to execute the query and generate the SSRS report (make sure that there is some data according to the query parameters you selected in step 2).

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